JVG Aerial Media

JVG Aerial Media is Licensed, Insured and Transport Canada Certified for Aerial Drone Photography & Videography from the sky!

Hello, I'm Justin! My background is in Information Technology where I had worked for several publicly traded companies providing I.T. support and Data Center server & network management. In the new world (since 2020), I was given the time and opportunity to combine & explore my passions of flying, adventuring out into various landscapes as well as capturing them via high definition 4K quality Photos & Videos to share with the world on Youtube and Social Media to build community engagement.

At JVG Aerial Media, our work consists of Aerial drone photography and videography in the London Ontario Canada and surrounding areas where I strive to help clients capture unique perspectives and angles from the air to assist them in enhancing their digital marketing and sales objectives. In addition to this, I also provide video and/or photo editing services where needed if you would like to also provide your own digital media combined with any media to be captured via our services.

Our focus area is Real Estate listings, however, I am not limited to just that one area as the sky has no limits!

At JVG, we assist with Aerial Roof Inspection & Measurement, Orthomosaic Mapping (Geo-referencing), Airbnb property listings, Agriculture Landscape captures and more!

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